Patient-Friendly Anesthetic

Onpharma OnsetTo make your treatment as comfortable and painless as possible, our dentist adds a buffering agent, known as Onpharma® Onset, to the anesthetic for quicker, more effective results. Buffering anesthetic alters the pH of the anesthetic to improve its effectiveness and to allow for a less painful, more comfortable injection. Local anesthetics are manufactured at a low (acidic) pH. After injection, the body must raise the pH of the anesthetic towards physiologic (7.4) before a patient can be completely numb.

This process takes time, while the body works to raise the pH towards physiologic. However, with the use of Onset, it instantly buffers the local anesthetic in the cartridge before it is loaded into the syringe. Buffering the local anesthetic outside the body before the injection takes the wait time and the patient’s physiology out of the buffering process. This improves the effects of local anesthetic and makes it more predictable.

Using Onset, your local anesthetic injection can have the pH of normal saline (instead of lemon juice), thus eliminating that burning sensation that is typical of a non-buffered anesthetic!

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